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NOTE: The links to these products are set to Amazon. However, many of these products are also available through Chewy.com. You may also find them available at your local pet stores.

Click on the pictures below to see purchase info.  Links are also listed at the bottom of the page. 



Aikiou Mouse Treat Toy  -  Also available through Amazon

Aikiou Fish Treat Toy    

Aikiou Thin Kat Interactive Toy 

Cat Amazing Food Puzzle   

Catit Cat Digger   

Catit Food Maze/Tree  

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Feeder  

Nina Ottoson Mix Max Puzzle Feeder

Nina Ottoson Cat Maze   

No Bowl Feeding System  

Northmate Catch Puzzle Feeder   

Northmate Green Feeder   

Northmate Green Mini   

Orange Practice Balls    

Our Pets Play N Treat    

Outward Hound Feeder Mat   

Outward Hound Fun Feeder   

Outward Hound Fun Feeder-purple  

Pet Safe Eggcersizer    

Pet Safe Slim Cat   

Pioneer Pet Bootsie's Bunkbed   

Pioneer Pet Peek A Prize 

Pioneer Pet Peek N Play  

Pioneer Pet Tiger Diner (ceramic) 

Pioneer Pet Tiger Diner (plastic) 

Sniff Mat   

Trixie Brain Mover  

Trixie Domino Add On 

Trixie Domino Game 

Trixie Fantasy Board  

Trixie Fun Board   

Trixie Poker Box 

Trixie Snack Box  

Trixie Solitaire    

Trixie Tunnel Feeder  

Trixie Turn Around   

Wiffle Balls