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NOTE: The links to these products are set to Amazon. However, many of these products are also available through Chewy.com. You may also find them available at your local pet stores.

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  • Yeowww Catnip Toys - Bananas, fish, balls, pillows, loose catnip
  • Neko Fly fishing pole toys with interchangeable toys  - cat tested and approved. VERY lifelike mice or "bugs" to attach and change out on the wand.
  • Kong Fuzzy Wand Toys - (most cats prefer the feather ended wand)
  • DaBird wand toy
  • Our Pets Play N Squeak Toys - Mice, birds, rabbits, skunks, etc. These little toys make a squeaky sound when touched and some kitties really enjoy playing with them.
  • Mylar Crinkle Balls - The mylar makes a fun crinkly sound. They are very light weight and fun to bat around.
  • Cat Dancer - This is a wire that has a three paper rods at the end. It's very bouncy and cats enjoy the quick movements of it.
  • Cat Charmer Wand
  • Kitty Flicks/Boinks - These are 4 inch tubes that are made of an open mesh. They are very light weight and fun for cats to manipulate and toss.
  • Moody Pet Fling-A-Ma-String - A battery operated toy wherein a string moves along a track and sometimes disappears.
  • Pet Links Mystery Motion Cat Toy (feather under round material).... Also, Cat's Meow. Battery operated toy which has a mouse or feather on a wand that moves around, hidden, under a mat.
  • Looney Loops and other such cat springs. Lightweight pieces of plastic that are fun to bat and chase.
  • Cat Tunnels - Tunnels that can be used for "hide and seek" play or useful to use for hiding spots for shy cats.
  • Soft glitter sparkle balls - Lightweight spongey balls that have little pieces of glitter in them. Very fun for cats to bat around and carry.
  • Feather Wands - There are different types. There are some with very long wands, some with bells. The link is to the type I like best that has feathers on an 18" wand. It's very easy to manipulate, yet keeps your hands away from kitty's claws and teeth.
  • Laser Toys - Small, hand held pen light that generates a small red laser light. Cats love to chase these lights. Please never shine the light directly at kitty.
  • Furry Mice - Small furry are favorite toys for kitties! In particular ones that rattle (see the link) seem to get them excited.
  • Apple I-Pad/Kindle Apps: Games for Cats!!
  • Wads of paper: Use stiff paper that can be rolled into small balls. Many cats love to chase and bat these around! 
  • Balls (with and without bells!): Some cats love to chase after these balls.
  • Ping Pong Balls - Very light weight and fun to chase and even carry. If a dimple is in one it makes an interesting noise that cats seem to enjoy.
  • Toddler sock catnip socks  - Buy toddler socks and stuff with loose catnip. Tie the end of the sock off in a knot.
  • Cardboard boxes....add balls, balled up paper, pecans, catnip, etc. to entice play. OR...leave empty...we all know cats love to create beds from boxes!
  • Paper Bags...If using a shopping bag with handles, CUT OFF THE HANDLES so kitty won't get handles around its head. Leave empty or place toys/catnip inside to entice play/hide and seek.
  • Brown Packing Paper...You can buy this or use paper that comes with items you've ordered. The crinklier it sounds, the more kitty will love it. Loop it around so there are "tunnels" to crawl and hide in, place treats/kibble in folds for hunting and catnip through it for play enticement.
  • Turbo Scratcher Toy - A round track with a cardboard scratcher in the middle and a ball that runs in the track. Some come with a lighted ball (lights when touched) and some even have a little puzzle feeder ball included. One even comes with a smaller track that fits where the scratcher normally goes. It can be taken out and replaced with a scratcher pad. Replacement scratch pads are also available.