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14May06 052

Cat Scratchers, Trees and Shelves

NOTE: The links to these products are set to Amazon. However, many of these products are also available through Chewy.com. You may also find them available at your local pet stores.

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  • Pioneer Pet...The Ultimate Cat Scratcher : THE BEST scratch post available. Very stable and most cats love to dig their nails in the sisal material surrounding the four sides of the post. Many cats love to jump or climb to the top and watch their surroundings.
  • Pioneer Pet...Bootsie's Combination Scratcher: This scratcher can be placed vertical or horizontal, depending on the preference of the cat.
  • Imperial Cat Scratch N Shapes : A multitude of shapes and sizes give cute opportunities for kitties to scratch. No one will be embarrassed to have these scratchers in their home!!
  • Pet Tree Houses : a number of natural trees with faux leaves: These "trees" are created using true tree limbs as the framework. Holes are drilled for the placement of included "tree branches with leaves." They are extremely sturdy and the cats enjoy hiding in the leaves! They are made to order and have "wiggle room" on the dimensions.
  • Kitty Mansions : This is just a sample company to provide ideas. However they do have good pricing. They offer a wide range of sizes of cat trees/towers from 2 ft. high all the way up to 9 ft. high.
  • Refined Feline Lotus Tower: A beautiful cat tree that anyone would be proud to have in their home.
  • Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Shelf : A beautifully designed shelf to be attached to a wall for your cat's perching use.
  • Refined Feline Lotus Branch Shelf : A larger version of the cat leaf shelf
  • Refined Feline Cat Cloud Shelf : A two layer shelf system. They are made of metal and have magnetic sheep skin pads for kitty comfort on the shelves.