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Laura K. Frazier is a Registered Veterinary Technician.. After graduation from Athens Technical College and passing the National Veterinary Technician Exam, she worked at a small animal hospital. After more than six years there, she opened her own "cat only" boarding business and now has begun behavior consulting.

While in school, she was disappointed there wasn't much beyond basic information regarding cats. Once she started working and seeing how cats were handled and housed, she knew there had to be a change. She began reading books and articles on cat behavior, watching webinars, going to conferences, etc., in an effort to become well educated on cat behavior, health and welfare. Part of this process included obtaining a diploma in feline behavior science. The coursework included learning not only specifics of cat behavior, but how to resolve behavior issues and "retrain" some behaviors. She continues to learn and keep her mind open to new ideas to share with others.

In 2013 she opened Meow Town, a feline only boarding business offering a low stress environment. From the handmade suites with different levels to perch and areas to hide, soft music or nature sounds and lots of loving, personal attention showered on the kitties, it was a dream come true and the cats flourished. Family circumstances made it necessary for Laura to leave the business and she was fortunate enough to find a buyer, so this sanctuary is still available to kitties. Future plans include certification in the Fear Free Pets initiative, speaking to pet parents, fosters, veterinarians and their staff and other pet professionals to spread knowledge of cat behavior, health and welfare.

Currently Laura lives with her husband and five inside kitties...she also has two outside kitties. Keeping the kitties enriched can sometimes be a challenge, but she's always trying new things to keep them engaged in their environment. Laura would like to share all the things she's learned in an effort to help other kitties and their parents live happily together.

For questions regarding behavior concerns, contact through Facebook messenger for the AdvoCATS Facebook page, email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the contact button on this site.